Product Care

Bone china is a soft-paste that is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material, and kaolin. It has been defined as ware with a radiant body containing a minimum of 30% of phosphate derived from animal bone and calculated calcium phosphate. It has been developed by English potter Josiah Spode, bone china is known for its high levels of whiteness and translucency.

To maintain the quality of taste and to keep our bone china looking its best, we recommend you to wash quickly after use. Do not use scouring pads and/or abrasive detergents. Leaving tea stained mugs longer than necessary may cause discoloration of the bone china. Bone china dinnerware is not oven proof and it can be heated up to 100°C. It cannot be exposed to the naked flame or a rapid changes of temperature and not freezer safe. If your bone china products are platinum gilded then please take extra care when cleaning them. Use soft cloths to wash and dry, do not use cleansers or polishes which may affect the coating, do not use anything sharp. Do not allow the product to scrap to one another or other hard objects. Dishwasher use is not recommended for products with metal decorations. Always store in a dry and humid-free environment.

Most stains can be removed by soaking products in a warm water before washing. If you trying to remove stains from your beloved mug, however, it became stubborn then try to use a mixture of bicarbonate soda, water, and vinegar or squeeze a little bit of lemon juice. You can also dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in the wash water.
WARNING! Using strong chemical cleaners or rubbing with abrasive materials may result in product damage.

It is safe to wash you bone china in an automatic dishwasher as long as you can stick to the following recommendations. Load your dishwasher with bone china products so that pieces DO NOT touch each other, to ensure the risk of scratching. Do not overload and do not exceed a temperature of 60ºC/ 140ºF when washing bone china in the dishwasher. We recommend you to use gentle, short wash or china and crystal cycle. Use a gentle detergent, eco – detergents are a better choice that stronger dish-washing powder and tablets. Once the dishwasher ended its cycle, remove bone china immediately, this will help to prevent to form a film around your chinaware.

If products are decorated with precious metals then it should never be placed in the microwave. Due to extreme temperature changes, we do not recommend to heat your chinaware for more than three minutes.

Bone chinaware is very delicate, to love and protect from any scratches on the surface, please do not store products on top of each other. Do not slide the bottom, always lift chinaware from the top.
Please remember that these are recommendations only. We will not be held liable for any damages caused.

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