Accreditation & Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

Tests performed for:


  • Thermal shock –boiling water
  • Handle and knob temperature
  • Freezer to microwave safe (PT37)
  • Water Absorption
  • Lip rim metal release
  • Metal release
  • Thermal shock endurance
  • Edge chipping resistance
  • Static immersion
  • Microwave
  • Handle and knob impact resistance

Centre Chipping Test : Up to 9 times less centre chipping (caused while stacking). Better centre chipping would protect the products from cracking while stacking and handling. Our products have a high centre chipping resistance of 1.9 nm. The industry standard for the same is 0.2 nm.
Edge Chipping Test : Up to 4 times lesser edge chipping than competitors. Our products have a high edge chipping resistance of 2.4 nm against the industry standard 0.2nm. Due to which, the products are safe and would cause no damage while washing.
Dishwasher Cycle : Lasts up to 6 times more than Competitors. The dishwasher cycle test proves that our products are dishwasher safe.
Metal Marking Test : Prevents cutlery scratches like no other brand There are no pencil marks on the surface which proves that we long last without any scratches or cutlery marks.
Metal Release Test : No metals in your tableware -Heavy metals like Cadmium and Lead are hazardous to health. Our products have no Cadmium or Lead.
Thermal Shock Test : Unmatched resistance to heat. Our products are unaffected by the sudden change in temperature. Safe while pouring hot tea/water.
Translucency Test : Unmatched finesse in the product to maintain a pleasant and aesthetic look of Fine Bone China.
Whiteness Test : Pristine white tableware, white products matching international standards.

Weight of Wares :
Up to 33% lighter than porcelain.

Our Products Comply with:

  • BS 5416 -British Standard Specification for China tableware
  • FDA Approved 


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